Zocial Icons

Need social icons? We got you covered! They are crafted by Sam Collins and all in a very high resolution. And here’s how you use them (example for the very first icon):

[[zocial service="acrobat"]]


[zocial service=»acrobat»] acrobat

[zocial service=»amazon»] amazon

[zocial service=»android»] android

[zocial service=»angellist»] angellist

[zocial service=»aol»] aol

[zocial service=»appnet»] appnet

[zocial service=»appstore»] appstore

[zocial service=»bitbucket»] bitbucket

[zocial service=»bitcoin»] bitcoin

[zocial service=»blogger»] blogger

[zocial service=»buffer»] buffer

[zocial service=»call»] call

[zocial service=»cal»] cal

[zocial service=»cart»] cart

[zocial service=»chrome»] chrome

[zocial service=»cloudapp»] cloudapp

[zocial service=»creativecommons»] creativecommons

[zocial service=»delicious»] delicious

[zocial service=»digg»] digg

[zocial service=»disqus»] disqus

[zocial service=»dribbble»] dribbble

[zocial service=»dropbox»] dropbox

[zocial service=»drupal»] drupal

[zocial service=»dwolla»] dwolla

[zocial service=»email»] email

[zocial service=»eventasaurus»] eventasaurus

[zocial service=»eventbrite»] eventbrite

[zocial service=»eventful»] eventful

[zocial service=»evernote»] evernote

[zocial service=»facebook»] facebook

[zocial service=»fivehundredpx»] fivehundredpx

[zocial service=»flattr»] flattr

[zocial service=»flickr»] flickr

[zocial service=»forrst»] forrst

[zocial service=»foursquare»] foursquare

[zocial service=»github»] github

[zocial service=»gmail»] gmail

[zocial service=»google»] google

[zocial service=»googleplay»] googleplay

[zocial service=»googleplus»] googleplus

[zocial service=»gowalla»] gowalla

[zocial service=»grooveshark»] grooveshark

[zocial service=»guest»] guest

[zocial service=»html5″] html5

[zocial service=»ie»] ie

[zocial service=»instagram»] instagram

[zocial service=»instapaper»] instapaper

[zocial service=»intensedebate»] intensedebate

[zocial service=»itunes»] itunes

[zocial service=»klout»] klout

[zocial service=»lanyrd»] lanyrd

[zocial service=»lastfm»] lastfm

[zocial service=»linkedin»] linkedin

[zocial service=»macstore»] macstore

[zocial service=»meetup»] meetup

[zocial service=»myspace»] myspace

[zocial service=»ninetyninedesigns»] ninetyninedesigns

[zocial service=»openid»] openid

[zocial service=»opentable»] opentable

[zocial service=»paypal»] paypal

[zocial service=»pinboard»] pinboard

[zocial service=»pinterest»] pinterest

[zocial service=»plancast»] plancast

[zocial service=»plurk»] plurk

[zocial service=»pocket»] pocket

[zocial service=»podcast»] podcast

[zocial service=»posterous»] posterous

[zocial service=»print»] print

[zocial service=»quora»] quora

[zocial service=»reddit»] reddit

[zocial service=»rss»] rss

[zocial service=»scribd»] scribd

[zocial service=»skype»] skype

[zocial service=»smashing»] smashing

[zocial service=»songkick»] songkick

[zocial service=»soundcloud»] soundcloud

[zocial service=»spotify»] spotify

[zocial service=»statusnet»] statusnet

[zocial service=»steam»] steam

[zocial service=»stripe»] stripe

[zocial service=»stumbleupon»] stumbleupon

[zocial service=»tumblr»] tumblr

[zocial service=»twitter»] twitter

[zocial service=»viadeo»] viadeo

[zocial service=»vimeo»] vimeo

[zocial service=»vk»] vk

[zocial service=»weibo»] weibo

[zocial service=»wikipedia»] wikipedia

[zocial service=»windows»] windows

[zocial service=»wordpress»] wordpress

[zocial service=»xing»] xing

[zocial service=»yahoo»] yahoo

[zocial service=»yelp»] yelp

[zocial service=»youtube»] youtube

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